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Gluten Free and Organic Food

Mogli's Organic Orange Smoothie is a delicious fruit snack with 100% fruit and lots of flavour. Ideal for break time and when out and about.

Mogli's Organic Orange Smoothie


Special Offers
Organic Food for Babies and Families

Developed by midwives and pharmacists Weleda Nursing Oil is a gentle natural formula created for nourishing and soothing massage of the breasts prior to nursing.

Pure, natural essential oils of fennel, caraway and marjoram are traditionally used to support healthy lactation and stimulate free milk flow.

Weleda Nursing Oil


Baby - Body & Skin Care

Lavera Baby & Kinder Organic Neutral Skin Oil contains many organic oils, especially evening primrose oil & organic olive oil to make sure your babies skin is moisturised thoroughly & protected.

Lavera Baby & Kinder Neutral Organic Skin Oil


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Gluten Free and Organic Food

Werz Organic Millet Flakes are made from 100% organic wholegrain millet. Millet contains significant amounts of trace elements, in particular silicic acid which has a regenerating effect upon the entire body and psyche. Werz Organic Millet Flakes are easy to use and ideal for cooking gluten free breakfast porridge, to add in soups, sauces or together with vegetables.

Werz Organic Wholegrain Millet Flakes (gluten free)

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"I am so happy to be getting such lovely food from such a happy energy source!"

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