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Baby Food From 4 Months Plus

Apples and pears are traditionally used as a first weaning fruit. Babies love the fine texture of these purées. Start with a small amount and increase each day. Once the baby is used to the taste add to the morning porridge or continue to give on its own in the afternoon.

Holle First Weaning Pure Fruit Baby Food Multi-Pack


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Organic Food for Babies and Families

The Holle Organic Apple and Bilberry and all our Holle fruit jars are pasteurized at approximately 70°C by using modern production methods (the harsher sterilization process of 120°C is therefore not used). Through using this special method the fruit jars retain their ingredient's natural colour and maximum aroma, helping your child develop a love of good food.d Bilberry fruit jar is ideal food for weaning young babies and infants. Combine with cereal porridges or your home made recipes. Instant, natural and wholesome.

Holle Organic Apple and Bilberry Baby Food


Baby - Body & Skin Care

Gently cleanses and cares for both baby and adult delicate skin. Free from synthetic detergents, it supports the natural protective layer of delicate baby skin.

Weleda Calendula Baby Cream Bath


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Baby Food From 4 Months Plus

Holle Organic Banana & Cherry is a lovely addition to the Holle baby food fruit jar range! Puddings are always liked by children of all ages.

Holle Organic Banana & Cherry Baby Food

Parent Feedback

"Thanks very much for your note. The glass grater is fantastic, I have been using it to make fruit porridge for the last couple of weeks for my little boy - at first he made a face but now he loves it!"

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