All about Ulula

What Does Ulula Mean?

If you ever wondered what our unusual name means here is the answer. Ulula means owl in Latin and the owl has long been a symbol for purity and wisdom and a natural approach. These birds will only prosper when their environment is in a natural state, just like human beings. We believe that when parents make the decision to buy organic food for their baby, they also make a deliberate decision about the kind of world they want to leave for their children.

Ulula, originally the brainchild of Sabine, who, as a young mum from Germany, was disappointed by the baby food on offer in England and so did something about it! Ulula has grown into a company who filled the food gap in the UK for biodynamic and organic baby and toddler food that can be wholly trusted. Ulula is now the leading supplier in the UK for Holle, Mogli and ErdmannHAUSER ranges in the UK.

Recently Chris has taken over the reins of Ulula, and moved the company from Sabine's beautiful Norfolk to the heart of his family run wonderful working biodynamic farm in Worcestershire. Chris was himself a Holle baby, and bought from Sabine for his growing family before this opportunity to carry Ulula forward was brought into being. Ulula is in safe hands to continue to be your UK online shop for organic baby and toddler foods.

What questions do you have about our shop and our ethos? What would be useful for new customers to know? Send your suggestions to and we will make the answers available on this page.


High Quality Organic Baby Foods

Ulula is an online shop selling organic baby and toddler foods. We specialise in infant milk formula, jars, porridges and finger foods and sell only products that are certified organic. We have comprehensive biodynamic, vegetarian & vegan, gluten free and allergy aware ranges. We are a specialist shop selling a unique range of products.

All our products are free from genetically modified ingredients and contain no added sugar, salts, hydrogenated fats or other chemical nasties. We are proud of our products and list the complete ingredients for every food we sell, so you can be sure of just what you are feeding your baby.

Ulula is certified to sell organic foods by Organic Food Federation (GB-ORG-04). The Organic Food Federation was established in 1986 and is now one of the UK’s leading certification bodies operating nationally in all areas of organics. Ulula's certification means we can demonstrate that our products are produced in accordance with their organic standards, which comply with the European organic regulation. This enables our operators to compete within the European marketplace on the basis of a level playing field. All sectors of organic activity from across the UK and EU benefit from the Organic Food Federation’s inspection and certification service, enabling trade without barrier.


Customer Feedback

Ulula frequently receives feedback saying just how appreciated our highly personalised approach is. Ulula welcomes and encourages feedback and this is used to inform not just improvements to the site itself but to extend the product range.


Can I talk to a real person?

Of course! We are working on the farm too, so we may ask you to leave a message, but we promise to phone you back as quickly as possible.

Plus, if you do not wish to place your order online, you can do so over the phone, or through the post. Please make a note of the items you wish to purchase and phone, or send them to us, along with your contact details (name, phone number and address). We will ring you back to confirm the order and take payment details.  Please never send your payment card details by email.

Call us to place your order or for any order queries on: 01386 791 027

Write to us to place your order at: Ulula, Rush Farm, Stockwood, Redditch, Worcestershire, B96 6SX

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