Ambrosius felt fairies and dolls are exquisitely handcrafted in Romania with the love and patience of a talented and hard-working team of ladies, made up of retirees and stay at home mums, in Romania. All the fairies, angels, gnomes, elves and other dolls are made from eco-friendly and renewable materials including 100% natural wool felt. With wonderful attention to detail, these little fairies are truly unique and magical, and look adorable on a seasonal or nature table, or as a part of imaginative play for older children.

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Ambrosius King Winter

Ambrosius King Winter£25.50

Ambrosius Boy on Sled

Ambrosius Boy on Sled£14.95

Ambrosius Girl on Sled Orange

Ambrosius Girl on Sled Orange£14.95

Ambrosius Girl on Sled Pink

Ambrosius Girl on Sled Pink£14.95

Ambrosius Crystal Gnome

Ambrosius Crystal Gnome£11.95

Ambrosius Elf with Buttons

Ambrosius Elf with Buttons£7.95

Ambrosius Red Toadstool Fairy

Ambrosius Red Toadstool Fairy£7.75

Ambrosius Rosehip Fairy

Ambrosius Rosehip Fairy£7.75

Ambrosius Angel with White Hair

Ambrosius Angel with White Hair£7.00

Ambrosius Christmas Rose Fairy

Ambrosius Christmas Rose Fairy£7.00

Ambrosius Hanging Holly Fairy

Ambrosius Hanging Holly Fairy£7.00

Ambrosius Holly Fairy

Ambrosius Holly Fairy£7.00

Ambrosius Pixie Angel

Ambrosius Pixie Angel£7.00

Ambrosius Poinsettia Fairy

Ambrosius Poinsettia Fairy£7.00


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items