I was really pleased to have been able to have breastfed all three of my children, and having done so I have some appreciation of some of the potential difficulties new mums can face when trying to breastfeed newborns as well as older babies. I do, though, also know the pleasures, the rewards and the sheer joy this close and intimate experience can bring to a relationship with a newborn baby. I am then proud to be selling the Holle Organic Nursing Teas to help support mums at this vital time. This herbal infusion is formulated to naturally encourage lactation in breastfeeding mums. This tasty tea is a comforting drink created to enhance the nursing experience and comes in easy to brew tea bags. To provide more information on breastfeeding within the Ulula site I plan to write several introductory pages over the coming weeks. The first has just been uploaded and is all about the Organic Nursing Tea, it benefits and uses. What have your experiences of breastfeeding been? If you tried the Holle Organic Nursing Tea, how did you find it? Let us know.