Bohlsener Mill

Bohlsener Mill is an organic mill and bakery situated on the original site of a 13th Century water mill in Lower Saxony, North Germany. Since it started producing organic products in 1979 Bohlsener Mill has continually invested in modern production facilities. Today it is one of Germany`s most experienced organic food manufacturers. Its focus is on sustainability; they consciously choose hydroelectric and other renewable energies and their medium-term goal is to become a CO2-neutral operation. They are active locally and are involved in various social projects, environmental initiatives and associations. As an organic food enterprise, environmental protection is a particularly important priority. They source the majority of grains and cereal crops from more than 125 regional organic growers who belong to the cooperative “Öko Korn Nord”. The company is a dedicated organic processor – ruling out any chance of “contamination” from conventional ingredients.

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