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Demeter Calendula Officinalis Seeds - Orange

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Quick and easy to grow and with wonderfully, cheerful and bright flowers, Calendula's are a great choice for a children's garden. The petals are edible and have a mild peppery flavour, which can be used to add colour to soups, meat, egg and rice dishes as well as salads. Planting them around and in between vegetable rows will not only look pretty, but will help to attract aphid-eating hoverflies. The flowers also last well after being cut. Flowers from late spring to late summer, longer in milder winters. 

Packed: 22/01/2021 - Possible reduction in germination success due to age of seeds

Info & Care

200 seeds

Sowing: Sow March-April in a seed-tray or pots or April-June outdoors. Grow in well-drained soil in sun to partial shade. Cover the seeds with 1cm of soil or compost and thin out as the seedlings appear allowing 30cm between each plant. You can also sow in autumn and over winter. Can be grown in container pots.
Growing instructions: They require little care, although regular deadheading will prolong the already substantial flowering period.