Elixirs & Teas

Give your body a natural boost with these tasty juices and elixirs. Especially good when you need help keeping up during demanding times, at school or work, during growth phases, pregnancy or breast-feeding or in later life.
Weleda's organic juices and elixirs are designed to provide specific health and nutritional benefits and maintain general well being. They are rich in natural vitamin complexes and other ingredients with valuable health giving properties. Free from synthetic additives.
Holle's Organic Teas are delicious herbal blends using only the finest quality ingredients.

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Weleda Blackthorn Elixir

Weleda Blackthorn Elixir£10.95


Weleda SEA BUCKTHORN Elixir£10.95

Holle Baby Water

Holle Baby Water£1.20  -  £7.20

Holle Organic Tea for Babies

Holle Organic Tea for Babies£3.30  -  £15.68

Holle Organic Nursing Tea/Breastfeeding Tea

Holle Organic Nursing Tea/Breastfeeding Tea£2.80

Holle Organic Fruity Flamingo Tea

Holle Organic Fruity Flamingo Tea£3.50

Holle Organic Rosy Reindeer Tea

Holle Organic Rosy Reindeer Tea£3.50


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