Foods to Avoid

Recommendations for Foods to Avoid

Gluten intolerance (coeliac disease) is not classified as a 'real' allergy because the immune system is not involved in the reactions. The symptoms of coeliac disease can however be just as serious. If there is intolerance to gluten, then a limitation to the choice of food is required, i.e. complete avoidance of varieties of grain and products that contain gluten.

The risk of developing coeliac disease can be reduced for baby if you stick to the following rules:

  • no contact to gluten before the end of the 4th month
  • first gluten given as of the 5th - 7th month - start with small amounts of grain that contains gluten, and then increase slowly
  • where possible, the best thing is to introduce gluten while you are still breastfeeding

Other food that should be avoided in the 1st year of life:

  • peanuts
  • soy
  • seafood
  • honey, sweets, chocolate
  • spices
  • salt