Fresk is a Dutch baby brand created by siblings Katja and Mark van Aerdenne.  Katja and Mark have Scandinavian roots, which inspired the brand's name: ‘Fresk’ -  a fresh breeze, a fresh start. They design to make life full of colour and joy and have created a baby collection made with love for baby’s and their parents. Fresk believe in taking responsibility for their environment, so use organic cotton for their swaddles and muslin products.

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Fresk  Large Organic Swaddles (2pk) - Flower

Fresk Large Organic Swaddles (2pk) - Flower£22.50

Fresk Large Organic Swaddles (2pk) - Elephant

Fresk Large Organic Swaddles (2pk) - Elephant£22.50

Fresk Large Organic Swaddles (2pk) - Fox

Fresk Large Organic Swaddles (2pk) - Fox£22.50

Fresk Large Organic Swaddles (2pk) - Whale

Fresk Large Organic Swaddles (2pk) - Whale£22.50

Fresk Nesting & Stacking Blocks - Pink

Fresk Nesting & Stacking Blocks - Pink£16.00

Fresk Organic Bib & Burp Set - Elephant

Fresk Organic Bib & Burp Set - Elephant£15.50

Fresk Organic Bib & Burp Set - Fox

Fresk Organic Bib & Burp Set - Fox£15.50

Fresk Organic Bib & Burp Set - Whale

Fresk Organic Bib & Burp Set - Whale£15.50

Fresk Lunch Box - Giraffe

Fresk Lunch Box - Giraffe£14.50

Fresk Organic Swaddle Set (2pk) - Deer

Fresk Organic Swaddle Set (2pk) - Deer£14.50

Fresk Organic Swaddle Set (2pk) - Elephant

Fresk Organic Swaddle Set (2pk) - Elephant£14.50

Fresk Organic Swaddle Set (2pk) - Fox

Fresk Organic Swaddle Set (2pk) - Fox£14.50

Fresk Organic Swaddle Set (2pk) - Whale

Fresk Organic Swaddle Set (2pk) - Whale£14.50

Fresk Thermos Bottle 380ml Swan

Fresk Thermos Bottle 380ml Swan£14.50


Page 1 of 1:    32 Items