The Hohenfried community workshops in the Bavarian Alps, hand make their rattles to the specifications of the original 1930's designs by Hugo Kukelhaus, a well known German architect, educator and environmentalist, who designed a range of special baby toys which promote sensory, motor skills and the imagination. Hohenfried Heimat is an open community of learning disabled adults and children, providing sheltered accommodation, schools and employment in organic agriculture, craft workshops, gourmet kitchens and bakeries.

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Hohenfried Dreilochring Rattle

Hohenfried Dreilochring Rattle£24.95

Hohenfried Greifling Rattle

Hohenfried Greifling Rattle£24.95

Hohenfried Inner Ring Rattle

Hohenfried Inner Ring Rattle£24.95

Hohenfried Kugel Grasping Toy

Hohenfried Kugel Grasping Toy£24.95

Hohenfried Kugel Rattle

Hohenfried Kugel Rattle£24.95

Hohenfried Outer Ring Rattle

Hohenfried Outer Ring Rattle£24.95

Hohenfried Urfisch Rattle

Hohenfried Urfisch Rattle£24.95

Hohenfried Wooden Disc Rattle

Hohenfried Wooden Disc Rattle£24.95

Hohenfried Balloon Jet Car

Hohenfried Balloon Jet Car£8.50

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