Holle Porridges

Why are Holle Porridges So Special?

Every Holle Organic Baby Porridge is made using whole grains. Not only is the main body of the grain used but the entire kernel, including the important outer bran layer. This way we can be sure the entire nutritional contents of the grain such as vitamins, minerals and fibre are retained. Only the best grain quality is used to make Holle’s baby cereals. The wholegrain seeds are gently cooked using a special method that unlocks their goodness. This is how Holle produces such fine, readily soluble flakes which are so easy for your baby to digest.

The Holle Organic Baby Porridge range offers a wide variety of grains. Parents have the choice between single grains or a mixture of grains. As part of introducing solid food into your baby’s diet it is recommended that you start with a single grain porridge.

Ideally, start with the rice porridge. Rice is gluten free and allergic reactions are very rare. Later, parents can introduce millet porridge, also gluten free. Both grains are easy to digest and your baby begins to explore new tastes. To increase the availability of essential fatty acids Holle recommend adding 1–2 teaspoons of Holle Organic Baby Weaning Oil.

Holle’s Organic Baby Weaning Oil is made from Demeter quality ingredients and, with its balanced combination of nutrients, provides an ideal weaning supplement. The mixture of premium organic rape and sunflower oils gives the perfect ratio of the essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. Five percent precious hemp oil completes the blend and contains not only essential fatty acids but also a special fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid. Gamma linolenic acid is very rare in nature. It is most usually found in breast milk and is particularly beneficial for the skin, including having a positive effect on eczema. In order to increase the availability of fat soluble vitamins as well as high energy and essential fatty acids, parents are advised to fortify milk free meals such as vegetable, potato and meat meals and fruit and grain porridges with 1–2 teaspoons of organic baby weaning oil. It is also recommended for preparing all Holle baby porridges and jar meals.

When introducing Holle porridges, begin with just one grain variety and always closely observe your baby after introducing any new foods. This way you can immediately find out what your baby likes, what does and doesn’t agree with your baby or identify possible intolerances. In case of an intolerance you are able to change to a different grain variety very quickly. After introducing rice and millet porridge in the first few weeks of weaning, you can try your baby with other organic single grain baby cereals such as spelt, semolina or rolled oats (these contain gluten). The “Step by Step” rule also applies here. Later, for more variety you can offer your baby mixed grain porridges, e.g. Organic Three Grain Porridge or the more fruity Organic Muesli Porridge as well as the Holle Organic Vegetable Porridge Pumpkin Maize Rice Porridge.

A Varied Weaning Diet

Holle offers eight different delicious organic baby cereal porridges. For an even more varied weaning diet for your baby you can prepare the porridges in the following ways:

  • with breast milk
  • half water/half full fat milk 
  • with baby formula milk
  • milk free, with water
  • as a cereal and fruit meal
  • as an additional ingredient to a milk bottle feed

Holle want to support your role as a parent when weaning your baby. Their unique cooking methods unlock the full goodness of the organic and biodynamic grains in our baby porridges. Any additional ingredients, such as milk, fruits or vegetables are entirely determined by you and your child’s individual tastes and needs. That is as it should be. They want you to make the decisions about what goes into your baby’s meals and want to help by providing the best possible baby porridges for you to use as the base to which to add those ingredients.

In a rush? Use instant Holle Organic Milk Cereals for a quick meal for your little one. Just add hot water and stir in the cereal flakes – your baby’s meal is ready. Tasty and wholesome – without added sugar.


Allergy Information at a Glance

  after 4 months from 6 months stool regulating stool firming single grain variety gluten free contains gluten wheat free milk free with fruit
Organic Baby Porridge:  
Baby Rice                    
Rolled Oats                    
Three Grain                    
Baby Muesli                    
Banana Semonlina                    
Organic Milk Cereals:  


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Holle Organic 3 Grain Baby Porridge
£3.50  -  £21.00
Holle Organic Baby Milk Cereal with Millet
Holle Organic Baby Weaning Oil
Holle Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Holle Organic Baby Milk Cereal with Spelt
£3.50  -  £21.00
Holle Organic Rice Baby Porridge
£3.50  -  £21.00
Holle Organic Rice Baby Porridge (Crumpled)
£3.50   £3.33
Holle Organic Baby Muesli Porridge
£4.25  -  £25.50
Holle Organic Oats Baby Porridge
£3.50  -  £21.00
Holle Organic Oats Baby Porridge (Crumpled)
£3.50   £3.33
Holle Organic Baby Porridges - Weaning 2 Variety Pack
Holle Organic Baby Porridges - Weaning 3 Variety Pack
Holle Baby Water
£1.20  -  £7.20
Holle Organic Tea for Babies
£3.50  -  £16.62
Holle Organic Baby Weaning Starter Porridge Pack
Holle Organic Fruit Porridge Banana-Semolina
£4.25  -  £25.50
Holle Organic Baby Milk Cereal With Bananas
Holle Organic Junior Muesli Multigrain with Cornflakes
Holle Organic Junior Muesli Multigrain with Fruit
Holle Organic Millet Baby Porridge
£3.50  -  £21.00
Holle Organic Semolina Baby Porridge
£3.50  -  £21.00
Holle Organic Spelt Baby Porridge
£3.50  -  £21.00
Holle Organic Spelt Baby Porridge (crumpled)
£3.50   £3.33

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