Nature Games

I have great adventures in the jungle with my animal friends. You too can have fun outside with your friends!

Have you ever tracked the prints of animals, large or small, four legs or two?

Have you followed winding paths through woods and across fields?

Have you paddled in a small stream, or floated paper boats you have made on the water?


Snail Racing

Wet weather brings snails out into the open, so how about a game of snail racing.

With a piece of chalk and draw two circles - one smaller circle inside a large one. Put the snails in the centre of the smaller circle, and place some green leaves around the edge of the outer circle. This will hopefully attract the snails who will race towards the leaves. The snail to reach the edge of the bigger circle is pronounced the winner!



With your friends stand in a row.
The one of you at the head of the line now moves around, for example jumping over tree trunks or branches, circling arms, hopping on one leg, running slalom around trees...
The others must follow copying the movements.
Take it in turns so that everyone has a chance to be the leader.


Echo that Sound

Go outside, sit quietly and close your eyes. What can you hear? Can you here the birds singing? Bees buzzing? Sheep baaing? Copy the sounds you hear, the more realistic you can make them the better! Or how about drawing or writing down what you hear - cows mooing, cars driving past.

Cup your hands behind your ears to collect sound like satellite dishes - if you look at the shape of the ears of owls, rabbits and deer, you can see that this is why their hearing is so good. 


Blindfold Caterpillar

With your friends stand in a row.
Everyone puts on a blindfold and holds onto the person in front, except the person at the head of the line who leads the others on a walk. You can make it as easy or difficult as you like with lots of twists and turns, but remember to tell your blindfolded friends if they have to step over a branch or stone.
Try going barefoot too - what does the ground feel like – cool or warm? Smooth or tickly?


Like the nimble spider, try walking along a fallen tree balancing from one end to the other. If you fall off, try again.
You can give a helping hand to each other. As soon as all of you have managed it, find a new tree and start again.

Forest King

Each player collects three acorns, pinecones or conkers.
All stand the same distance from a tree, then taking it in turns, throw your acorn/conker at the tree trunk. The one who most frequently hits the tree trunk is the winner!