Mogli's Story


I am Mogli, the little boy from the jungle.
I have lots of adventures with my animal friends. We love playing outside, climbing trees, making and building things, swimming and having fun together, whatever the weather.
The she-Wolf Rama found me lost in the jungle when I was a baby. She took me home and looked after me and raised me with her cubs until I was big and strong.
The Black Panther Baghira is my wise advisor and loyal friend. He has never let me down and is always there for me when I need him.
Cheerful Balu loves everything that makes life beautiful: delicious food, a little nap, swimming. In particular, he loves my friends and me.
My friend Louie is King of the Apes: he is brilliant at climbing even the tallest trees. He is always busy, full of crazy ideas and playing pranks.
The Tiger Shir Khan is the strongest animal in the whole jungle. With him on our side we are brave enough for any adventure. Sometimes he can get a bit cross, but we always sort it out and get along again quickly.
The snake Kaa moves silently through the jungle undergrowth and even along the branches of the trees. I like Kaa's laid back character, especially when I need a break from running about.
The small elephant Anandi is our playful friend. When the tropical heat of the jungle is too much he sprays a trunk full of water over us to cool us down which we enjoy very much.