Organic Finger Foods

Organic tasty rusks, finger foods and snacks made from the finest organic ingredients to serve to babies from 8 months. Ideal for weaning and when out and about.

Please note that the Holle Organic Biscuits Pear-Apple are suitable from 10 months of age.

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Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet£1.00

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet-Mango

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet-Mango£1.15

Holle Organic Baby Mini Rusks

Holle Organic Baby Mini Rusks£2.30

Holle Organic Spelt Biscuit

Holle Organic Spelt Biscuit£3.00  -  £8.55

ErdmannHauser Organic Cheese Breadsticks

ErdmannHauser Organic Cheese Breadsticks£2.30  -  £6.55

Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks

Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks£3.30  -  £18.80

ErdmannHauser Organic Spelt Rusks

ErdmannHauser Organic Spelt Rusks£3.50  -  £10.00

ErdmannHauser Organic Spelt, Oat & Barley Rusks

ErdmannHauser Organic Spelt, Oat & Barley Rusks£3.00  -  £8.00


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items