Organic Salad Green Seeds - Rocket

Organic Salad Green Seeds - Rocket

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Code:  SC20810
Brand:  Seed Co-operative
Size:  600 seeds
Certified:  Organic

Rocket is a fast growing plant, which means you'll be picking your first delicious peppery leaves within a matter of weeks! The young, tender leaves are milder in flavour, and a delicious addition to salads and sandwiches. You can keep picking the leaves as a cut-and-come-again crop over a long period. The flowers are edible too and look great as a garnish.

Growing instructions: Sow outdoors any time from March to September in rows 15cm apart.  Choose a sheltered spot in light shade and sow sparingly direct where they are to grow. Keep well watered and thin seedlings to 10cm apart as they emerge. Pick leaves regularly to keep the plants from bolting (running to seed) but don't pick the central crown so that more can re-grow. Rocket tends to bolt quickly when the weather is hot, so in dry summers stop sowing in July and August and start again in autumn when it is cooler, for a late crop. Rocket is suitable for container growing and successional sowing will keep you going almost all year round!

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