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I've been using the Organic Infant Formula 1 for a few weeks and I noticed that it is not actually dissolving completely. What's happening?

Milk is an emulsion, which means that fine droplets of fat are suspended within a watery medium. It is natural for the droplets of milk fat to be covered with a fine layer of protein which prevents them from joining together (which would produce the cream on top of non-homogenised full fat milk). This way the emulsion stays stable.
Certain batches of the Holle baby milk do show that not all droplets of the milk fat are in a 100% emulsion. A small part can stay as free fat, which you may notice. This has no influence whatsoever on the milk's digestibility nor the nutritional value for your baby. Small fluctuations in raw material are natural and can sometimes be visible. Because Holle only uses pure and natural ingredients and no artificial emulsifiers or stabilizers we have to accept these occasional small, and completely harmless, variations.


Can infant formula milk provide all proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals etc similar to those in breast milk?

Breastfeeding provides your baby with the best start in life. Breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs in the right proportion; it contains antibodies which help your baby to build up resistance to infections like coughs or colds. Your baby may be less likely to develop allergies if breast fed and therefore breast milk is the best source of nutrition for healthy babies.
Infant formulas must provide energy, fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. All levels of each nutrient provided are specified by law. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are added to infant formulas during manufacture to meet the infant's nutritional needs in order to comply with legal requirements.


Why is infant formula milk modified?

Mature breast milk contains about 7% carbohydrate which is present as lactose. In infant formulas the carbohydrate level of cow's milk is adjusted to match that of breast milk. The milk sugar, lactose and sometimes other approved carbohydrate sources are used for this purpose.
Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are added to infant formulas during manufacture to meet the infant's nutritional needs in order to comply with legal requirements. Because of their iron content follow-on milks are an appropriate alternative to whole cows' milk.


Why is sunflower oil added to infant formula?

Essential fatty acids cannot be formed by humans. We must take them up with our food. Unsaturated essential fatty acids are linol acid and linolen acid which are contained in considerable quantities in sea-fish, vegetable oil or sunflower oil.


Which of your porridges are gluten free?

The Holle range is made up from several different 'single' grain porridges, so that if a certain grain doesn't agree with your child you can try an alternative. Holle offers three Gluten Free porridges plus lots of other tasty morsels. When you first introduce grains into your baby's diet, we recommend starting with a single-grain porridge so that any potential reaction to an individual grain can be identified in the first year.


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