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Demeter Courgette Seeds - Zucchini Elite

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A non-trailing courgette, with glossy medium green fruits which are at their most delicious when picked small. You can also eat the flowers. No need to peel, just slice and grill, stir-fry, boil lightly or use raw in salads - there are so many ways to enjoy courgettes - they really are a taste of summer. The fruits store well. 

Info & Care

10 seeds

Sowing: Sow from April indoors at min. 20ºc. Sow the seeds in seed trays and transfer the seedlings into pots or sow directly into pots.
Growing instructions: Courgettes grow best in a warm sunny place. They can grow outside or in a cold-frame. Harden the plants off slowly and plant outside after the last frost. One plant per m². Courgettes will benefit from the addition of some well rotted manure prior to planting. Regular watering with a weekly tomato based feed will encourage more fruits. Harvest when the fruits are about 15cm in length - they can be left to grow bigger but for the best flavour do not allow them to grow into marrows.