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Demeter Helianthus Annuus La Torre (Sunflower) Seeds

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Growing sunflowers is a staple of the children’s garden. They are beautiful, easy to grow (the seeds are large and easy for small children to handle) and their quick germination, growth and height is fun for children to watch. A multi-flowered variety with smallish yellow flowers of approximately 15cm diameter, it can grow up to 2 metres high and may need staking. Sunflowers are a favourite of bees, pollinators and birds who will enjoy the seeds if the flower heads are left on.

Info & Care

20 seeds

Indoor sowing: Sow March-April up to 5cm deep in deep pots or root trainers filled with compost. Germinate in the greenhouse or on a warm windowsill inside. When they are large enough to handle (at least 4 leaves each plant), harden them off outside in a sheltered position and then transplant them into your border once frost is no longer a danger.
Outdoor sowing: From mid-April onwards, sow at a depth of up to 5cm in a sunny prepared bed. Make a second sowing about 2 weeks later to extend the flowering season. Can be grown in pots. Fill the pot with compost with a layer of stones at the bottom to aid drainage and plant 1-3 seeds per pot. Tall sunflowers also work well grown against a sunny wall.
Growing instructions: Water regularly whilst your sunflowers are growing and flowering. Keep an eye out for slugs and snails when the seedlings emerge. As sunflowers are tall plants, they may need to be staked, especially if being grown in a windy position. The dead flower heads containing seeds can then be left in winter as a bird feeder.