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Demeter Late Purple Sprouting Broccoli Seeds

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This is a late maturing variety, which is ready for harvesting the following spring after sowing. Harvesting purple sprouting broccoli is easy - pick the central spear first, before the mass of purple flowers open. This will then encourage more side shoots. These can be harvested over the next month or, making sure they are harvested before the purple flowers open. For two adults and two children, five or six plants should provide a plentiful crop.

Info & Care

Sowing indoors: Sow in to 7cm pots or modular (2cm wide) seed trays the last week of April, first week May. Once germinated, if growing them on a windowsill, the plants can be placed outside after a week or so in a light and well protected position as long as temperatures don't drop much below 10C.
Sowing outdoors: Sow in May-June in a seedbed.
Growing instructions: Transplant in early July. Planting distance 60 x 60 cm as the plants will grow large and closer spacing will reduce the number of side-shoots, leading to a smaller crop. Pick shoots through spring when they are about 15 cm long and the flowers are in bud.