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Demeter Nasturtium Climbing (Tropaeolum majus) Seeds

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Nasturtium is one of the quickest and easiest hardy annual flowers to grow, producing masses of vividly coloured blooms in shades of red, orange and yellow through summer and autumn. They’re perfect for growing with children and are ideal for lots of different sunny spots around the garden, including pots. Nasturtiums not only look spectacular but the flowers, leaves and seeds are edible too. The flowers make a brightly coloured garnish to salads and other uncooked dishes, while the leaves have a peppery taste. Bees love the colourful nasturtium blooms, and caterpillars of the large and small white butterflies feed on the leaves. Height: 30 cm.

Info & Care

25 seeds

Sowing: For best results, sow nasturtium directly where they are to flower, as they’re fast-growing and there’s no need to bother about transplanting. Sow the seed 1.5 cm deep into moist soil to speed germination, so water before planting if conditions are dry. The first seeds can be sown in mid-spring and you can carry on sowing until mid-summer to ensure flowers right up to the first frosts. Thin the seedlings to 30 cm apart. However, sowing in pots also works – simply sow one seed per pot and transplant outside when all risk of frost has passed.
Growing instructions: Nasturtiums are easy-care and need little maintenance. Plants growing in containers should be watered to keep the compost evenly moist, but not fed. Removing the dead flower heads of nasturtiums will encourage more blooms to be produced for a longer period. Nasturtium seeds can be collected when ripe and saved to sow next year. In mild areas, nasturtiums are also likely to self-sow, so you may get seedlings springing up in future years. These can be easily pulled up if not wanted.