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Demeter Pepper Seeds - Pantos

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Beautiful and delicious elongated red sweet peppers with thick, juicy walls that grow to about 20 cm in length. A vigorous plant, it is very tolerant of earth borne diseases. This versatile vegetable is delicious eaten raw, roasted, pickled, grilled or stuffed!

Info & Care

10 seeds

Indoor Sowing: Sow under cover late February-early March in modules, for planting May-June once plants are 10cm tall and first flowers have appeared. Germination may take a while. Keep temperatures around 20C. Most peppers do best grown indoors but can be planted outside in a sunny, sheltered spot after the last frosts. If planting out in a greenhouse keep planting distances of 50cm. 
Growing instructions: Peppers grow well in containers. Stake plants and tie in as they grow. They have shallow roots and appreciate frequent light watering and a regular feed once fruits start to form. The peppers should be ready for harvesting July - October.