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Demeter Pepper Seeds - Yolo Wonder

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Yolo Wonder is a sweet bell pepper with thick fleshy fruits and an excellent, mild taste. Disease resistant, the compact plant produces many large green fruit which turn red when fully ripe. This versatile vegetable is delicious eaten raw, roasted, pickled, grilled or stuffed!

Info & Care

20 seeds

Indoor Sowing: Sow under cover from late February in modules, for planting May-June once plants are 10cm tall and first flowers have appeared. Germination may take a while. Keep temperatures around 20C. Most peppers do best grown indoors but can be planted outside in a sunny, sheltered spot after the last frosts. If planting out in a greenhouse keep planting distances of 50cm. 
Growing instructions: Peppers grow well in containers. Stake plants and tie in as they grow. They have shallow roots and appreciate frequent light watering and a regular feed once fruits start to form. The peppers should be ready for harvesting July - October.