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Demeter Radish Seeds - Rudi

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Radishes are one of the easiest crops to grow from seed, and Radish Rudi is a fast growing variety with excellent flavour and crisp globe shaped roots. Slow to turn woody, they are still best harvested young when the flesh is crisp and juicy. Radishes are usually eaten raw in salads. Cut off the leaves, wash and eat whole or sliced as required. To avoid a glut, sow only a few at a time, every couple of weeks. 

Info & Care

450 seeds

Sowing: Sow outside in shallow drills in a sunny, sheltered spot, from March onwards in rows 15 cm apart. They can of course also be grown in a container or pot.
Growing instructions: Thinning is not necessary: taking care not to disturb other roots, pull out the largest as they reach the size of a marble, when they're at their tenderest. The rest will grow to fill the space they leave. Don't sow too many radishes at once, or you'll have a glut: instead, sow half a row every two or three weeks to have just the right amount to harvest all season long.