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Organic Pea Seeds - Sugar Dwarf Sweet Green

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The dwarf sugar pea (mangetout) is an edible-podded pea that is crunchy and juicy with a delicious, sweet flavour. The pods are best eaten when they are young, about 5 cm long, either raw, steamed or stir-fried. Sow several times through the season for a continuous harvest.

Packed: 24/02/2021 - Possible reduction in germination success due to age of seeds

Info & Care

150 seeds

Indoor Sowing: In the first week of March fill an 8cm pot or module with multi-purpose compost, make a hole about 5cm deep and drop a seed in. Cover with compost, water well and place in a cool place indoors. The seedlings will emerge in just under a week. As soon as they do, move the seedlings to a light position (not in direct sunlight) and let them grow on until they are about 12cm high. Harden the seedlings off over a week and then plant them outside in their final positions.
Outdoor Sowing: Peas grow best in the first half of the year when it is not too hot, so sow early in spring, around the beginning of March, to get the best results. Choose a sunny, sheltered site. Rake out a trench about 5cm deep and 10cm wide. Sow 2 rows of peas evenly spaced with about 3-5cm between the seeds. This variety can grow without support, but gives better results when supported. Rack soil back over them. Rows should be 60 - 90cm apart. Make successional sowings two weeks apart.
Growing instructions: Prevent pea moth infestations by growing under horticultural fleece between June and August when they lay their eggs. Harvest from mid-June - July.