WUKA Midi Brief Period Pants - Light flow

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WUKA period pants are your complete tampon and pad replacement. You can wear them with confidence up to 8 hours on all but your heaviest days.

  • WUKA Midi Brief Light Flow period pants holds at least 7ml of period flow or light leaks - around 1 tampons worth.
  • They are made from eco-friendly and luxurious Lenzing® Modal fabric and in the centre of every pair of WUKA pants there is an absorbent layer that absorbs blood fast and draws it away from the body, leaving you feeling dry. There is also a leak-proof barrier, that prevents blood from passing through the underwear but is still breathable reducing sweating and odour.
  • Designed to stretch around any body shape, they are suitable for active days playing sports, as well as night-time, with extra wide padding at the back to prevent leaks whilst sleeping.
  • The perfect solution from the very first period to postpartum discharge, endometriosis flow and bladder leaks.
Info & Care

Holds at least 7ml of period flow or light leaks / 1 tampons worth.
For best results, rinse your WUKAs after use and then machine wash with a dark-coloured load at 40° without fabric conditioner. Be sure to line dry your WUKAs, as tumble drying can affect absorbance.
WUKA period pants tend to last about 2 years, depending on the length of your cycle and the love they're given!


Eco-friendly and luxurious Lenzing® Modal fabric with a super absorbent hi-tech fabric and moisture barrier.