Second Weaning Step

Second Weaning Meal: first solid evening meal


The next step is to replace the afternoon/evening milk feed with a cereal porridge.


Every Holle Organic Baby Porridge is made using not only the main body of the grain, but the entire kernel, including the important outer bran layer, which ensures the entire nutritional contents of the grain such as vitamins, minerals and fibre are retained. The wholegrain seeds are gently cooked and prepared using a special method that unlocks their goodness to produce fine, readily soluble and easily digestible flakes, giving your little one a good meal of slow release energy providing carbohydrates.


  1. Prepare the Holle Organic Baby Porridges with Holle Organic Baby Formula, breast milk or fresh full fat milk. You can also use fruit juice rich in vitamin C. We recommend adding fruit juice or fruit puree rich in vitamin C to all vegetable and milk cereal meals. This naturally enhances the vitamin content of the meal while also helping with the take up of iron from the food. We advise: e.g. 2 tablespoons of orange juice,  4–5 puréed blackcurrants or simply a quarter of a freshly grated apple.
  2. When introducing Holle porridges begin with just one grain variety. Ideally start with the Rice Porridge. Rice is gluten free and allergic reactions are very rare. Later you can introduce Millet Porridge which is also gluten free. Both grains are easy to digest.
  3. To increase the availability of essential fatty acids we recommend adding 1-2 teaspoons of Holle Organic Baby Weaning Oil. Milk free meals such as vegetable, potato and meat meals or fruit and cereal porridges are nearly fat free. In order to increase the availability of fat soluble vitamins vegetable oil should be added. This also increases the amount of essential fatty acids in the meal and therefore the energy supply.


Every child is different and knows exactly what he or she wants and likes best. Observe your child’s reactions as you introduce foods and together you will explore and discover his or her individual weaning diet.


After introducing the Rice and Millet Porridges you can try your little one with other organic single grain baby cereals such as Spelt, Semolina or Rolled Oats (these contain gluten). The step by step rule also applies here. Later for more variety you can try the mixed grain porridges such as 3-Grain or the more fruity Holle Organic Muesli Porridge.


 More detailed information about the Porridges

Every weaning meal replaces one milk feed (breast feed or bottle feed). If you have, as suggested, breastfed your baby fully for six months then the ages mentioned above will move forwards accordingly. The age in months shown is the earliest possible time to introduce solid foods. According to your baby’s development, suggested ages may vary by 1–2 months. These variations are entirely natural and normal!


 Weaning Chart - step by step

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