Your child is getting older and more independent. You have laid the foundations of good eating habits during the first years of life and he or she is starting to eat a much wider choice now - perhaps not always what you would consider to be ideal. Entice your growing child with some snacks that you will both be happy with. Great tasting, wholesome snacks for growing children. All the foods in this category use certified organic ingredients and, if possible, certified biodynamic ingredients.

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Mogli's Organic Cocoa Wafer

Mogli's Organic Cocoa Wafer£0.65  -  £1.85

Mogli's Organic COCONUT Wafer

Mogli's Organic COCONUT Wafer£0.65  -  £1.85

Mogli's Organic Mini Coconut Bar

Mogli's Organic Mini Coconut Bar£2.50

Mogli's Organic Wafer Mix

Mogli's Organic Wafer Mix£3.90   £3.70

Mogli Organic Mini Cocoa Biscuits

Mogli Organic Mini Cocoa Biscuits£1.00  -  £2.85

Mogli Organic Mini Coconut Biscuits

Mogli Organic Mini Coconut Biscuits£1.00  -  £2.85

Mogli's Organic Bar Mix for Kids

Mogli's Organic Bar Mix for Kids£5.10   £4.85

Mogli's Organic Savoury Snack Mix

Mogli's Organic Savoury Snack Mix£8.10   £7.70

Mogli Organic Butter Biscuits

Mogli Organic Butter Biscuits£2.20  -  £6.30

Mogli Organic Cocoa Biscuits

Mogli Organic Cocoa Biscuits£2.20  -  £6.28

Mogli Organic Coconut Biscuits

Mogli Organic Coconut Biscuits£2.20  -  £6.30

Mogli Organic Pizza Sticks

Mogli Organic Pizza Sticks£1.50  -  £4.30

Mogli Organic Spelt Bites Garden Herbs

Mogli Organic Spelt Bites Garden Herbs£1.30   £0.91

Mogli Organic Spelt Bites Tomato & Carrot

Mogli Organic Spelt Bites Tomato & Carrot£1.30   £0.91

Mogli's Organic Almond Bar

Mogli's Organic Almond Bar£2.55   £2.45

Mogli's Organic Apple Bar

Mogli's Organic Apple Bar£2.55   £2.45

Mogli's Organic Coconut Bar

Mogli's Organic Coconut Bar£2.55   £2.45

Mogli's Organic Crunchy Cereal Bar

Mogli's Organic Crunchy Cereal Bar£2.55   £2.45

Mogli's Organic Spelt Pretzels

Mogli's Organic Spelt Pretzels£1.20  -  £3.45


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items