Sugar Free Snacks

Fun organic finger foods for babies and toddlers, ideal for weaning infants and snacks for children and older members of the family alike. Tasty biscuits and other sweet tasting snacks all made from the finest organic ingredients - but without sugar. Some of the loveliest tasting and most wholesome treats and snacks you could hope to find.

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Holle Organic Fruit and Vegetable Bars Multi Pack

Holle Organic Fruit and Vegetable Bars Multi Pack£7.65   £7.27

MOGLi Organic Bar Mix for Kids

MOGLi Organic Bar Mix for Kids£5.10   £4.85

MOGLi Organic Wafer Mix

MOGLi Organic Wafer Mix£3.90   £3.70

Holle Organic Minis Banana-Orange

Holle Organic Minis Banana-Orange£3.50

Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks

Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks£3.30  -  £18.80

Holle Organic Spelt Biscuit

Holle Organic Spelt Biscuit£3.00  -  £9.00

Holle Organic Biscuits Pear-Apple

Holle Organic Biscuits Pear-Apple£2.85

MOGLi Organic Almond Bar

MOGLi Organic Almond Bar£0.85  -  £15.50

MOGLi Organic Apple Bar

MOGLi Organic Apple Bar£0.85  -  £15.50

MOGLi Organic Coconut Bar

MOGLi Organic Coconut Bar£0.85  -  £16.15

Holle Organic Apple & Pear Fruit Bars

Holle Organic Apple & Pear Fruit Bars£0.85  -  £17.95

Holle Organic Baby Mini Rusks

Holle Organic Baby Mini Rusks£2.30

MOGLi Organic Cocoa Biscuits

MOGLi Organic Cocoa Biscuits£2.20  -  £12.32

MOGLi Organic Coconut Biscuits

MOGLi Organic Coconut Biscuits£2.20  -  £12.32

MOGLi Organic Cocoa Wafer

MOGLi Organic Cocoa Wafer£1.95

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet-Mango

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet-Mango£1.15

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Millet£1.00  -  £8.00

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Rice-Lentils

Holle Organic Crunchy Snack Rice-Lentils£1.00  -  £8.00

MOGLi Organic Mini Cocoa Biscuits

MOGLi Organic Mini Cocoa Biscuits£1.00  -  £9.60

MOGLi Organic Mini Coconut Biscuits

MOGLi Organic Mini Coconut Biscuits£1.00  -  £9.60

Holle Organic Fruit and Vegetable Bar Apple-Carrot

Holle Organic Fruit and Vegetable Bar Apple-Carrot£0.85  -  £2.42

Holle Organic Fruit Bar Apple-Banana

Holle Organic Fruit Bar Apple-Banana£0.85  -  £2.42

Holle Organic Fruit Bar Pear-Apple

Holle Organic Fruit Bar Pear-Apple£0.85  -  £2.42

MOGLi Organic COCONUT Wafer

MOGLi Organic COCONUT Wafer£0.65  -  £9.36


Page 1 of 1:    26 Items