Under the Nile

All Under the Nile uniquely handcrafted toys are made and stuffed with 100% certified Egyptian organic cotton. All toys are tested and meet strict CPSA and European standard requirements. Under the Nile are one of a handful of companies that not only make, but stuff their toys with certified organic cotton. Many companies call their toys organic, but then stuff them with polyester stuffing known as fluff - a synthetic made from coal and petroleum derivatives, which can cause respiratory problems in babies. Under the Nile toys are designed to be hugged and loved and are safe and healthy for little mouths to chew on.

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Organic Baby Comforter grey stripe

Organic Baby Comforter grey stripe£7.95

Organic Penguin Toy

Organic Penguin Toy£12.00

Organic Elephant Toy

Organic Elephant Toy£9.50

Organic Baby Comforter dark pink stripe

Organic Baby Comforter dark pink stripe£7.95

Organic Crissy the Crescent Moon

Organic Crissy the Crescent Moon£18.00

Organic Baby Comforter navy stripe

Organic Baby Comforter navy stripe£7.95

Organic Baby Comforter pale grey

Organic Baby Comforter pale grey£7.95

Organic Happy the Cloud

Organic Happy the Cloud£18.00

Organic Baby Buddy Teething Ring

Organic Baby Buddy Teething Ring£14.00

Organic Baby Comforter teal stripe

Organic Baby Comforter teal stripe£7.95

Organic Baby Buddy blue stripes

Organic Baby Buddy blue stripes£7.50

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All Under the Nile toys are sourced solely from SEKEM. The SEKEM Initiative was founded in 1977 by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to revitalize desert land outside of Cairo using bio-organic farming methods. In 2015, Sekem received The Land For Life Award from the United Nations Convention on Combating Desertification (UNCCD). Sekem is also certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The SEKEM Development Foundation runs a school, medical centre, vocational training centre, and programs for socially disadvantaged children. It additionally brings economic vitality to poor villages in Eygpt via investment and microloans. Sekem also promotes social justice, gender equality and diversity.
The farms and production facilities are all certified Fair Trade and working conditions are safe and clean and include open space, light, air, and exercise activities during the day, with organic meals served to all workers that are made from food grown right there on the farm. A fair price is paid to the cotton growers and a just wage to all Under the Nile workers.