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Buy your organic baby food and toddler foods online with Ulula. We specialise in baby milks, baby food pouches, baby jars, baby porridges and snacks that compliment your home made weaning recipes. We only sell certified organic products and have comprehensive biodynamic, vegetarian and vegan, and gluten free ranges.

Organic Baby Milks & Formulas

baby drinking milk from bottleHolle's excellent organic baby milks and formulas are ideal when breastfeeding isn't possible and can be given to babies from birth through until the end of their third year. As your baby grows, nutritional demands change and the Holle baby milks are designed to meet the differing needs of your growing infant.

Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2 Baby Milk

Holle organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2 milk for bottle feeding babies, suitable from 6 months or if changing from breastfeeding. Instant, natural and nutritious. Certified organic. Free from gluten, wheat, soya, and sugar.

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The organic full cream milk used in Holle baby milks and formulas comes from cows raised in the organic fields and pastures of Germany and Austria. The superior quality of these infant formulas derives from traditional high quality farming and the expert care the animals receive, as well as the naturally lush vegetation available to the cows all year round.

Over 99% of the ingredients in Holle Organic Infant Formulas are derived from organic agriculture. Less than 0.5 % of ingredients are added vitamins and minerals that baby milk manufacturers are obliged to add by European Union law - Holle guarantees these not to be genetically modified.

The Holle Organic Baby Milk Range

If a mother is unable to, or choses not to breastfeed, Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 may be used from birth onwards to provide a complete, organic replacement for your infant. It contains all the necessary nutrients that a baby needs for the first 6 months of its life. Infant Formula 1 is easily digestible, gluten free, starch free and has no added sugar. It has been formulated and developed to closely resemble the protein balance found in breast milk.

While weaning, Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 can be given together with a mixed diet until the end of the first year. If your baby's hunger cannot be satisfied with the Holle Organic Infant Formula 1, the Holle Organic Infant Follow-On Formula 2 can be given from 6 months and will satisfy your hungry baby’s nutritional requirements.

The Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 3 is relativley new to the UK and can be given to babies from 12 months through until the end of their third year. Your child is an active toddler now and Formula 3 will, again, meet your child's growing nutritional needs at this stage in its rapid development. Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2 and 3 are also easily digestible and gluten free.

Holle Baby Milks at a Glance

  • Certified organic;
  • Guaranteed no genetically modified ingredients;
  • No added sugar;
  • No added salt
  • No hydrogenated fats;
  • No added flavours;
  • No added colours;
  • No added preservatives.

Holle Organic Goats Milk Formula

For those babies that require an alternative to cow's milk, Holle provides the only organic goat's milk formula currently available on the UK market. Read more about Holle Organic Goats Milk Formula.

Baby Weaning Starter Kit -  FREE SHIPPING 

Holle Baby Weaning Starter Kit

A great value weaning starter kit from Holle - baby rice, pear and carrot baby food pouches, a bib, sppon and advice booklet. Now with free shipping.

  • Ideal when first weaning
  • Gluten-free choice
  • Suitable from 4 months
  • FREE SHIPPING when ordered singly

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We are really excited about this great set which we are now offering. We know from your feedback that weaning your baby is one of the most difficult times for new parents wanting to give their baby the best start in life. Like so many other parents, we hope our Holle Baby Weaning Starter Kit will make life a little easier!

Try your baby with these premium Holle organic starter weaning porridge and pouches. (Now with FREE SHIPPING.) Each Baby Weaning Starter Kit has:

The Baby Weaning Starter Kit costs £9.49 and is available to order now.

Get Your FREE Nursing Tea Samples

FREE Breastfeeding Tea Samples

free breastfeeding tea

Naturally supporting breastfeeding

If you are a breastfeeding mum, or even a mum-to-be, Holle's Organic Nursing Tea will help your body increase your milk supply for your baby, which means your breastfeeding experience will be far happier and more relaxed for you and your newborn baby. Not only that, you'll have the joy of watching your baby thrive as you share this special time together.

Request your FREE samples and I'm sure, like thousands of other mums, you will enjoy and benefit from their gentle herbal formulation.

  • Natural & organic herbs - nothing else added
  • Gently encourages milk production - safe for baby
  • Tasty & relaxing - enjoy some special me-time
  • 20 bags per packet - great value for money

Get your free nursing tea sample

Organic Baby Food, Recipes, Weaning Advice & More…

baby enjoying her food

Ulula offers organic baby food and baby & family body care products that use only premium organic and biodynamic produce. All Ulula organic baby foods are:

  • Free from GM ingredients;
  • Free from added sugar and salt;
  • Free from hydrogenated fats and phosphoric acids;
  • Free from artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives.

When parents choose to buy organic food for their baby, they also make a deliberate decision about the kind of world they want to leave for their children.

More about Ulula's organic baby food >>
Read our baby weaning diet plan >>
Read our home made baby food recipes >>

Ideal When Weaning

Holle's organic baby food pouches contain fruit and vegetable puree specially chosen to blend well together and to be suitable from the earliest of weaning ages. The Holle nutritionist team were determined to develop a range of baby food pouches second to none in terms of quality and flavour. And everyone here at Ulula thinks they’ve managed just that.

Organic baby food pouches for weaning

Holle Organic Baby Food Pouches Multi-pack

Try out a mix of Holle's new organic baby food pouches in one variety pack. Six great flavours in the highest organic quality. Great value.

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Every organic baby food pouch is, just as you would expect from Holle, guaranteed to be free from added sugars, artificial flavourings, preservatives, colourings and thickening agents. Of course, all pouches are guaranteed free from genetically modified ingredients - and they're certified to the highest organic and Demeter/biodynamic standards.

There are 13 varieties now available and are suitable from four months onwards with a huge number of tastes to suit every developing palate.

As you'd expect from Ulula, we've put some gorgeous variety packs together for you. There's the Weaning Stage 1 Pack for those just beginning to wean their baby. Then there's the Six Months Variety Pack and the Eight Months Variety Pack to see you through your weaning journey. And then we have the Gluten Free Variety Pack for youngsters needing a gluten free diet. Of course, all the pouches are so delicious and full of goodness that they can be given in any combination as your baby gets older. Look out for more variety packs coming soon, or why not mix and match your own?

Save with Every Multi-pack and Variety Pack

Each Holle Organic Baby Food Pouch variety comes in 90g packs for £1.29 for a single pouch or as packs of three pouches for £3.55 – save 32 pence. Alternatively, every six variety pack is priced at £7.14 (or £1.19 per pouch), giving you a saving of 60 pence.

Try Holle organic baby food pouches and let us know your baby's favourites»

Baby Care - Weleda natural baby products.Baby Body & Skin Care / Body and Skin Care for the Whole Family

Gently care for your baby or child's ultra-sensitive skin with Weleda Calendula Baby Care. An infant's skin is five times thinner than an adult's, making it especially sensitive to irritation and environmental influences. Weleda Baby Care helps to wrap a child in a layer of warmth and protection, supporting healthy and harmonious development. Formulated with organic/biodynamic calendula extract to soothe baby's sensitive skin.

All Weleda baby care formulations have been developed with the assistance of doctors and midwives.
Baby body & skin care >>

Premium Organic Smoothies for Kids - Pure Fruit Goodness

Mogli's Organic Smoothies Multi-Pack

Why not try all five of the brand new Mogli organic fruit smoothies for kids. 100% fruit - 100% organic - 100% flavour!

  • Five adventurous varieties for slightly older kids
  • Pure fruit goodness
  • Mogli kids panel approved

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Pure fruit organic smoothies for kids by our friends at Mogli. Delicious fruit snacks with a full flavour and nothing artificial added. Just yummy!

These recently launched organic smoothies for kids got a huge thumbs up with the Ulula taste testers. Thanks to Mogli quality standards these little pockets of goodness are ideal when out and about as a quick and convenient snack that you know is full of goodness.

Using just pure fruit every Mogli smoothie is guaranteed free from artificial flavours, thickening agents, colourings and preservatives - and they're certified to the highest organic and Demeter/biodynamic standards - just as you'd expect from Mogli.

Mogli 'Moothies' come in five yummy flavours, with each pouch packing a powerful fruit punch provided by a blend of three fruits:

The Mogli Moothi range is exclusive to Ulula in the UK and, given the high quality of the fruit, are a unique drink for slightly older babies and toddlers. Each flavour is available in packs of three 100g pouches for £3.55 or we are offering all five flavours in one multi-pack for just £5.50.
Try the Mogli pure fruit smoothies for kids and let us know what you think >>


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Holle Organic Goat Milk Infant Follow-on Formula

Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula 2 is made from 99% organically produced ingredients, e.g. organic goats milk from goats raised in their natural
Environment (according to EU regulations). Organic vegetable oils provide important fatty acids.

  • Only organic goat's milk on the UK market
  • From 6 months
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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