MOGLi's 7 Reasons Why Children Need Nature

Firstly, children absolutely love nature! Whether it's outdoors in the garden, at the park, or in the woods, children experience the world with all their senses. Here they can fully indulge their innate curiosity and zest for discovery. Infact, spending time in nature is essential for a child's holistic development. No fabricated play zones can come close to the rich sensory adventures of climbing on tree trunks, sniffing the moss, or watching the tiny inhabitants – all of these are invaluable experiences.

MOGLi 's motto, "Sunday is Forest Day!" is all about encouraging us to enjoy a few hours in the great outdoors, and what better moment than a relaxed Sunday afternoon or during a holiday? Treat yourself and the kids to a break from the screens and the confines of the indoors and venture out into nature!

Why is spending time in nature so beneficial for kids? Here are 7 reasons relaxed time in a natural environment benefits children:

  1. Cognitive, Mental, and Social Development: Nurturing creativity, imagination, a zest for discovery, concentration, and empathy.
  2. Self-confidence and Efficacy: Encountering adventures in nature allows children to overcome fears, building self-worth.
  3. Motor Development: Nature provides countless opportunities for movement, physical coordination, and balance.
  4. Sensory Processing and Training: The diverse stimuli in the outdoors engage all senses.
  5. Relaxation: A natural setting positively influences the parasympathetic system, leading to a balanced state of mind.
  6. Psychological Experience: Being part of a larger context counters tendencies of individualisation and isolation.
  7. Sense of Responsibility and Respect: Beginning with the care for the smallest creatures.

Enthusiasm and joy in nature are the best ingredients for healthy child development and a deeper connection to the environment.

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