Homemade organic
baby weaning recipes

The goodness of the organic/biodynamic grains which are the basis of Ulula's porridges can be further enhanced by you through adding ingredients such as milk, fruits or vegetables. You decide what suits your baby best.

Weaning Recipes - First Steps

Weaning Recipes - Steps 2 - 3

 Weaning Recipes - Steps 4 - 5

Baby Weaning Advice

- Simple recipes are the best

- When you cook homemade baby food always use fresh organic vegetables and fruit

- Please do not be tempted to season your baby’s food except with fresh or dried herbs. Use very finely chopped parsley or chives if he/her is used to solid food after a couple of weeks

- Take it slowly, all babies are different. Some learn more quickly than others.

Exclusively Available in the UK Through Ulula

Glass Graters

With a glass grater you can quickly and easily make the finest purée of fruit and vegetables, even in small amounts, while retaining all the vital nutrients your growing baby needs.