the best possible start to life

Why Choose Organic?

We believe that organic foods provide your baby with the best possible start to life.

Babies delicate and developing bodies do not deserve to be bombarded with the cocktail of potentially harmful chemicals used in the production of so many foods. All our baby foods are certified organic, with a substantial proportion using biodynamic ingredients. All are free from genetically modified ingredients and contain no added sugar, salts, hydrogenated fats or chemical nasties.

We believe that when parents make the decision to buy organic food for their baby, they also make a deliberate decision about the kind of world they want to leave for their children. The word Ulula is Latin for owl - traditional symbols of wisdom, purity and a natural approach - birds that will only prosper when their environment is in its natural state, just like human beings.

Our Organic Baby Food Brands

Ulula independently sources organic baby foods from experienced and long established suppliers with up to 80 years of expertise. Read company profiles of some of the finest producers of organic baby food around and find out just what makes them so special.

- Holle organic baby food - the complete range
- ErdmannHAUSER organic finger food for babies, toddlers & family

Organic Baby Food - Product Highlights

The Ulula organic baby food product highlights provide an in-depth look at baby, toddler and growing up foods from our growing range. A new highlight is added every month, so do let us know if you want more information on a particular food.

What is Biodynamic Baby Food?

Whenever possible our organic baby foods are made with Demeter (biodynamic) raw ingredients. Only products which meet the stringent and far reaching quality of certified biodynamic farming, can carry the ‘Demeter’ label.