Our Organic Baby Food Suppliers

Ulula independently sources organic baby foods from experienced and long established suppliers with up to 80 years of expertise. Their experience and knowledge of nutritional science, establishes a solid foundation on which you can depend.

Holle Organic Baby Food - the Complete Range

Organic baby food at its best. Delicious fruit, vegetable and meat based jars to serve to baby as they are, with Holle organic porridges or with your own home made recipes. Organic baby and infant milk formula and goat milk nutrition. 

Very Best Baby Food Possible

The Holle mission? To provide the very best baby food possible. This means not only paying full regard to human health but also the welfare of animals and our planet as a whole. It is important to Holle to be directly involved in all stages in the production of their foods. From building strong partnerships with their farmers in the field, to overseeing the production processes and, finally, to serving consumers. Equally important is their partnership with doctors and midwives for valuable research and development.

Holle Organic Baby Food - the Complete Range

Holle offer a complete organic baby food range, from baby’s first bottle through to the time when the youngster can fully enjoy family meals. Our range includes: infant formula; follow-on formulas; goat milk nutrition; grain porridges and milk porridges; fruit jars; vegetable based jars, as well as herbal teas and other goodies.

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Holle Baby Food Advisor

To help parents wanting to feed their babies organic baby food, Holle have produced a feeding and weaning guide. This informative and useful guide is available to download here:

Biodynamic - Beyond Organic Baby Food

Much of Holle's baby food range is biodynamic and is Demeter certificated. But what exactly does that mean? Biodynamic agriculture is a comprehensive way of farming that views a farm as a complete and self supporting living organism. The standards for biodynamic farming far exceed those of the European Union for organic agriculture. In fact, Biodynamic/Demeter farms are regulated twice, firstly by the EU organic certification body and secondly by Demeter. 

ErdmannHAUSER Organic Finger Food for Babies, Toddlers & Family

ErdmannHAUSER is a German company producing organic foods for older babies, toddlers and all the family - delicious finger foods for weaning, for snacks and for when you're on the move.

The company works closely with farmers and growers and supports the development of new Demeter grain varieties. With each ErdmannHAUSER product sold a percentage is used to fund independent organic/Demeter growers.
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MOGLI Organic Snack Foods for Children & Family

Mogli believe that children in particular deserve good, natural food, and this is what they are striving to achieve. Mogli are working to develop children's awareness of what a balanced diet actually is, as well as encouraging their taste for real food - to get them excited about food.

Mogli products are characterised not only by the best organic quality but also through their educational and sustainability values. This wider understanding of quality sets new standards for children's products and goes further than any legal requirements:

  • to develop children's awareness of what a balanced diet actually is, as well as encouraging their taste for real food.
  • to produce a range of healthy and nutritious food for children.
  • to protect our environment and to share that with our children.

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