All about Ulula

Living Consciously

Ulula is our family business and is the embodiment of our feelings and beliefs about nature, food and lifestyle. As a family, we work to live more consciously, in a way which treats the planet, the earth and people with kindness and respect.

We work to make eco-conscious living more accessible for all, offering an abundance of hand-picked products that we know other families will love; products that have been produced to the highest standards by companies who put nature and people at the heart of all they do; family businesses who put protecting our planet’s natural resources and fair relationships before profit.

For people that love the planet

Influenced in no small part by our own upbringings, we want to help others to delight in the taste of, and nurture a love of, real food full of flavour and vitality, experience the joy of playing with toys made from natural materials that encourage creativity and imagination, and live in a space filled with the comfort and beauty of sustainably produced, hand-crafted items.

We are custodians of a beautiful, small, demeter certified biodynamic farm. Demeter is not just a promise of quality, but an attitude to life – values of love, care, dedication, respect, fairness, trust and joy. These philosophies are at the core of everything we do.

Reuse, reduce, recycle

We want to make sure that our packaging isn’t excessive, but at the same time we want to create a lovely experience. We reuse packaging boxes when we can and use recyclable paper packaging along with starch bibbles that can go in the compost or will dissolve if mixed with water. Our labels are biodegradable and compostable, and we use environmentally friendly paper tape. There is always more that we can do and we strive to improve.

Conscious brands

Our brands are the heart of Ulula and each has been carefully chosen for its ethical and eco-conscious credentials. Like us, these brands are influenced by deeply held beliefs that we must take care of the earth, plants, animals and people that we share our planet with. Holle, MOGLi, ErdmannHAUSER, Clearspring, Doves Farm, ALB Gold, Weleda and Dr.Hauschka skin care are all established and well respected brands that recognise the value in biodynamic and organic growing. Hevea and Bajo create toys and baby products that enable play without plastic, whilst Pura leads the way in plastic free drinks bottles and Jack N' Jill products offer a sustainable solution for everyday items.

We hope our love of these products inspires and empowers others to live more sustainably too, and as a team, when you receive something from us, we want you to feel our warm thanks, knowing that as friends we value you custom.