Whenever possible our organic baby foods are made with Demeter (biodynamic) raw ingredients. Only products which meet the stringent and far reaching quality of certified biodynamic farming, can carry the ‘Demeter’ label.
Biodynamic agriculture is a comprehensive approach to farming established in 1924 by Dr Rudolf Steiner. The standards for biodynamic farming far exceed those of the European Union for organic agriculture. There are biodynamic farms and gardens in more than 30 countries throughout five continents.

What Makes Biodynamic Baby Food Unique?

You can’t get more organic than biodynamic

Holistic Demeter requirements exceed government regulations. Not only do they exclude the use of synthetic fertilisers and chemical plant protection agents in agricultural crop production and artificial additives during processing, but also require very specific measures to strengthen the life processes in soil and food. Demeter farmers and processors actively contribute towards the shaping of a future worth living for. They create healthy foods of distinctive tastes - truly "Organic Foods with Character". Demeter - is the label you can trust.

The Demeter farmer makes allowances for the specific peculiarities of plants and animals and views a farm as a living organism of the natural cycle. Special organic ingredients including organic medicinal herbs (stinging nettles, dandelions, etc.) are sprayed onto fields and composts. Therefore ingredients develop strong and vital energy, similar to homeopathic medicine. Growth after seeding follows the biological rhythm of each particular plant.

Biodynamic pastures and meadows contain an abundance of herbs and produce rich and healthy fodder for the animals, who in turn provide milk and meat of the highest quality. Decades of scientific research - as carried out at the Swiss FIBL Research Institute and others - provide positive proof that the biodynamic preparations promote humus formation and help return to the environment some of the vital forces that otherwise, even with the best of organic care, gradually become exhausted. It is thus that the biodynamic farming method achieves its renowned product quality and lasting results.

Quality Becomes Visible

For decades, researchers have been working to visibly depict the special aspects of biodynamically produced foods.

Through scientific examination it has been made possible to see the specific atypical characteristics of the product's inner qualities. With this method, in filigree-like pictures, not only the differences between conventional and organic, but also between organic and biodynamic products can be distinguished. This specific order, which is more than a purely material phenomenon, distinguishes not only Demeter quality in raw products like apples, potatoes, grains, and carrots, but also in Demeter-processed liquids like juice or milk. When processing enhances, then it actually furthers the intrinsic characteristics of the raw product. Thus humans can receive true nourishment that not only fills the stomach, but can also strengthen the one-ness of body, soul, and spirit. Food that has earned such a name is more than the sum of its ingredients. You can feel and taste the difference. What counts is the intrinsic quality.