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Glass Fruit - Vegetable Grater

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Glass graters have been used for generations to prepare perfectly pureed fruit and vegetables when first weaning their babies. Unlike a traditional metal grater or food processor, using a glass grater gives you exactly the right consistency of fruit or vegetables, so there are no difficult lumps for little ones to contend with. This simple little dish also catches all the tasty and beneficial juices. The non-porous nature of glass means that no odours or residues are left on the surface, so the only tastes are the natural flavours and pure goodness of fresh fruit and vegetables.
The glass grater is also perfect for grating garlic, ginger and parmesan cheese.

Info & Care

The tiny spikes have rounded edges making the glass grater safer for fingers than a traditional metal grater.
Made in Italy. Height 3 cm, length 20.5 cm, width 9.5 cm.


Made from sturdy pressed glass