Allergies in our modern western societies seem to be ever on the increase and Ulula sells some fantastic organic food for babies and other family members that suffer from a variety of allergies.

But, we have to ask ourselves why allergies are on the increase. Is it a coincidence that they have increased inline with the growing industrialisation of our food production?

Shouldn't we ask ourselves whether it is wiser to eat more locally grown food and not food which has been grown continents away in environments so different to our own? Shouldn't we ask ourselves what impact highly processed and nutritionally empty foods have on our bodies over time? And what about the excessive breeding of grains to make them suitable for higher yields or resistant to certain diseases without thinking about the more holistic approach to living plants.

I believe we need to move to a food philosophy that respects and values nature. We take too much for granted and are ignorant of so much that nature offers us. We need food production methods that work with nature, not those that try to twist and pervert it to our own greedy ends.

I strongly believe that one way people pay for this approach is through allergies. I do not try to blame individuals who suffer from these often disabling conditions, but rather point the finger at these production methods that have developed over time and for which we all have a degree of blame. It is painful and hard for the people who have to live with allergies, our societies need to wake up and reverse this trend. What better place to start than with the food our babies eat?