After re-reading my article on our growing range of organic breakfast cereals it struck me that breakfast is such an important meal in ways other than as a means of refueling the body. I don't know about your family but ours tends only to eat breakfast together at the weekends - and that seems such a shame. Busy Britain does not have time to eat breakfast like it used to. Breakfast is an ideal opportunity to spend time catching up, talking about the day ahead and generally socialising. Of course, time spent with children at the breakfast table is also an important opportunity for us to model the kind of behaviour at the meal table that we would like to see, as well as practising social skills. For us, weekend breakfasts are such a treat - chatting over the cereals and other goodies can sometimes last for hours! We really must try and find a compromise on weekdays - it must be possible for at least some members of the same family to eat a bowl of breakfast cereals together while still being able to get ready to dash off to our different day time activities, whether work or school. What are your experiences? How do you juggle the demands of time at breakfast time? Can you manage to sit together with your children at breakfast?