[caption id="attachment_1293" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Don't panic - I am organic"]I am an organic baby[/caption] Today marks the launch of this year's Organic Fortnight - the UK's biggest celebration of all things organic. This year the theme is 'choosing organic everyday', and feeding your baby organically everyday has never been easier. Of course, when we buy organic we are not only looking after the welfare of ourselves or our precious babies and children, we are looking after the planet that we leave to our future generations. The UK Government has committed in law to cutting the country's greenhouse emissions 80% by 2050. This is a huge target for which we all have a responsibility. And with our industrialised food and farming system currently responsible for around 30% of UK's current emissions it's clear to me that we need to make some fundamental changes to the way we grow and eat our food. Only radical changes to our diets and farming systems can achieve the level of greenhouse gas cuts needed. And some of these changes can be made the next time you shop. Buying organic and biodynamic baby food and supporting organic farming, alongside a shift to eating less and mainly grass-fed meat and dairy products, can be a simple first step for anyone who takes climate change seriously.

Feed Your Baby Organic with Ulula

Keep your eyes open for local events near you during the coming fortnight and discover why organic is good for you and your baby's well-being as well as that of our planet; is kind to animals and wildlife; and allows us all to make a big difference - simply through the way we shop. And remember, every single item of baby food, toddler food and every skin care product that Ulula sells is certified organic, with many of our foods even being certified as biodynamic. Look for the certification logos on all our packs - producers can only legally display those logos if they meet very particular and strict farming criteria. So, have fun shopping for your baby and yourself and remember that every shopping choice you make is a vote for the future of our planet as well as the future health and well being of you and your family. PS Many thanks to customer Abbie for allowing us to use a picture of her beautiful daughter - another gorgeous Holle baby.