Mogli_photostory_01aOne of the many special qualities of the MOGLi range is the care and thought that goes into the products - their ingredients, formulation and packaging. The ingredients are demeter and organic, the products are developed with the help of a children's panel and the images on the packets and boxes aren't computer generated, but drawn and painted by hand. It is this care and attention to detail that shines through. We thought the article very interesting and we hope you enjoy it too! (Our thanks to Katrin our WWOOFer from Germany who helped us with the translation.) This month's blog is a translation of an online article that appeared on

Creating Mogli's Plum Moothie

ThMogli_fotostory_02e packaging of products is enormously important to a brand. Packaging conveys the brand's personality as well as giving customers all the information they need to be able to choose which product to buy. It needs to attract our attention, speak to us, and ultimately encourage us to buy the product rather than somebody else's. So, how exactly is the packaging that we see every day on the supermarket shelves designed? We spoke to illustrator Sarah Schmid, who is responsible for the beautiful images that appear on the Mogli packaging and in the MOGLi magazine. Sarah explains how a new Mogli Moothie is developed through to the design of the new packaging. line.png Mogli_fotostory_03 1. The first step is to decide on a new delicious flavour combination. The team at MOGLi mix different fruit purees together in the MOGLi kitchen to see which flavours go well together. This can take a long time as the flavours are continuously refined until the team are satisfied. Once the team are happy they have found a good combination of fruits, the product is presented to the children's panel for tasting. Only if the kids give the product a thumbs up, can a product proceed to the next stage of development. line Mogli_otostory_04 2.) Each flavour of MOGLi Moothie is given a character from the famous €˜Jungle Book' stories by Rudyard Kipling. In this case, the children's panel liked the combination of plum, pear and quince best. Mogli_fotostory_05 The velvety blue-purple shimmer of the plum is very close to the colour of a panther and so it was decided that the new Moothie's character would be Baghira, MOGLi's best friend and companion. line 3.)Mogli_fotostory_06.jpg The next step is for Sarah to make some pencil sketches of the selected character. You might think the designs, as is so often the case nowadays, are computer generated. However, with MOGLi this is not the case. The first step for Sarah - as always - includes a pen, a sheet of paper and her talent as an artist. line Mogli_fotostory_07.jpg 4.) Sarah draws several coloured sketches and the MOGLi team select up to two. Sarah then recreates these on special watercolour paper and swaps the pencil for a paintbrush and watercolour paints. line Mogli_fotostory_08.jpg 5.) The best image is scanned into the computer where it is edited by Sarah who works out the best design and layout. Mogli_fotostory_09.jpg It is not just the MOGLi characters who are created in this way. The ingredients are also painted by Sarah. They must of course look good enough to eat, so that everyone can imagine how delicious the MOGLi Moothies are! line Mogli_fotostory_10 6). Finally the packaging information is completed. The law requires that as much information about the content in the product should be included as possible, which is fitted on to the back of the MOGLi Moothies packaging. As the MOGLi products are made for children, on the back of the products there are fun games and puzzles. MOGLi Moothies are made from 100% fruit, never from concentrates. They are Demeter certified which means the cultivation of the plums, pears and quince is very strictly controlled. Demeter is a registered trademark under which organic produced products are sold according to certain principles. line MOGLi's Plum Moothie is now ready for the printers. As soon as the printed packaging arrives at the factory, they are filled with the plum, pear and quince puree ready to be sold in the supermarkets or online and enjoyed by us all! Sarah recommends the current MOGLi magazine, which includes information on Baghira and lots of puzzles and fun things to do. mogli_magazin.png Thanks to Sarah and have fun enjoying the magazine and Moothies! Here is an overview of the other MOGLi products. Mogli_fotostory_mogli_produkte.jpg