A new gluten free pasta for kids that isn't just guaranteed 'free from' but is certified organic and comes in fun dinosaur shapes for younger children. Gluten free pasta for kids by Seitz Finding tasty gluten free food suitable for children can be a real challenge. That is why the Ulula team is so pleased to be able to stock this latest addition to our kids pasta range. Now you can buy top quality gluten free pasta for kids without having to worry, as this new pasta from Seitz is produced in a factory that doesn't handle any food stuffs containing gluten. Seitz is a long established family owned business from Germany that has many years experience of producing gluten free products, pasta in particular. Our new gluten free pasta for kids comes in the great dino shapes that have proven so popular in our non allergy-aware children's pasta range. Now having a special dietary need doesn't mean your child has to feel different to the rest of the family or friends when they come round for tea. And, of course, being certified organic you know your child isn't going to be eating lots of chemical nasties with these fun pasta shapes - an important consideration when feeding kids with special dietary needs.

Seitz Gluten Free Pasta for Kids - on the Plate

The Seitz pasta shapes are made from organic corn flour and organic rice flour and have a slightly longer cooking time than you'd perhaps expect, around 11-13 minutes - just check and adjust cooking time to your preferred texture. Most importantly, and unlike many gluten free pastas for kids on the market, the Sietz dinos retain their distinctive shapes when fully cooked. So, no more sloppy mess that doesn't appeal to anyone, let alone a young child! Our taster testers were not only impressed by how these pasta shapes looked on the plate but also their taste. They all said their children enjoyed the mild taste that complemented a variety of sauces. Here's one of our favourite comments:
"A great gluten-free pasta that my little one just gobbled up. It went down so fast I didn't think he could have had time to taste it, but when I asked he said the dinos were 'yummy'. Will definitely give him these again."
The Seitz Gluten Free Pasta for Kids in Dino Shapes come in child friendly pack sizes of 250g and, depending on your child's age and appetite, our testers suggest that would give your little one about five portions. Single packs cost only £2.29 and you can buy a multi-pack of three for £6.57. Let us know how you find the Seitz gluten free pasta for kids. Why not send the receipe for your child's favourite gluten free sauce or accompaniment and we'll share it here with other parents.