Ulula & Worldpay Not Effected by Heartbleed Bug Heartbleed bug logAs you may have heard in the news, a vulnerability, which the media are calling the €œHeartbleed Bug€, was discovered this week in a piece of software that is used across much of the internet. I have checked with both our web developer and hosting provider as well as our secure payment processor and can assure Ulula customers that we have not been effected by this potential security risk. The Ulula website site itself has never used the module in question and from our very earliest days we decided not to process payments on the Ulula website itself. Worldpay, as a leading payment processor, has an extensive dedicated security team to keep your sensitive data far safer than we could hope to do in-house. I am assured that Worldpay have not and does not use the effected module and that all systems are continually checked for potential vulnerabilities. All systems are working safely and you can buy your baby's food with confidence.
Tags: security