In an effort to support agriculture in the Black Forest in Germany, Holle are helping farmers convert their farms to produce Demeter goat's milk.

The aim of the Black Forest Goat's Milk Initiative is to support the rich tradition of farming in the Black Forest region by protecting the livelihoods of small-scale farms and securing their economic viability over the long term.

For their goat's milk, Holle offer these farmers long-term contracts and guaranteed milk agreements at a fair, future-oriented price.

In the Black Forest region, keeping Demeter dairy goats is more profitable than running a cow's milk farm. Furthermore, the demand for goat's milk is increasing, with more and more parents seeking it out as an alternative to cow's milk.

Demeter is a world wide certification system used to verify to the consumer that food or product has been produced by biodynamic methods. Demeter goats are different because they stand for more than organic can offer. They are raised according to the highest organic standards and are not reared to maximise profits. Furthermore, they are the product of the values of Demeter producers who think and act with love, strength, joy and freedom. Demeter practises a holistic organic agriculture, something we at Ulula wholly support.