Just a quick post. Concerned mums often ask me about what liquids they can or should use to prepare the Holle baby porridge for their little ones. You can actually use many liquids - expressed breast milk, organic baby milks or formulas or even plain water. As they get older, around 12 months or so, you can introduce (diluted) juices. If you are using normal dairy milk I would suggest to use organic full fat milk which is not homogenised. Please read the packaging because most milks sold in supermarkets are homogenised. Of course, avoid liquids with added sugars and if giving juices make sure it is not only from an organic source but also not from concentrate. I think it is really worth spending a few more pennies on good quality food for our children especially when they are so young and vulnerable. Try your baby with a variety of liquids according to the type of meal you are giving him or her and watch for their preferences. Have fun!