Happy 85th Birthday Holle!

It has been 85 years since Holle began manufacturing baby food using Demeter ingredients. Conscious of the fact that, as a manufacturer of baby food, they bear a very special responsibility for the environment, our babies and their future, sustainable management and social responsibility have always been among their core values. Within the Ulula family we've been using Holle foods for our family for two generations so we say hooray for Holle! Holle themselves celebrated this milestone saying: "Always ORGANIC- for all the right reasons. We are proud of our brand Holle's 85 years' history, and of the fact that Holle has become one of the leading manufacturers of organic baby food. Click here to find out more about our company's history. Ever since our company was founded, we have consciously focused our attention on mankind and the environment because we want our products to deserve being called €œsustainable€. Click here to find out more about our commitment to sustainability. Today, we have a comprehensive baby food range with more than 80 products representing the message €œAlways ORGANIC - for all the right reasons€. From the start, we have focused on naturalness: Holle baby food is being produced only with raw ingredients grown to biodynamic or organic standards. We do not use chemical processing materials and preservatives, flavouring and colouring agents, added salt or granulated sugar. Our long-term partnerships with our organic raw material suppliers are very important to us. They are the basis for the particularly high quality of our baby food. Holle baby food products are gently processed; they represent a wholesome, natural and balanced diet, from the very beginning."

Ulula. The home of Holle in the UK. For your Holle Hugs, check out the whole range at here xx

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