I was told a really nice story recently when a grandmother phoned wanting to buy two of our popular glass graters. When I said that it is unusual for someone to buy two at a time she told me that they were actually for two of her daughters, one of whom is pregnant and the other has a baby coming up to weaning age - neither of who were yet customers of Ulula. The grandmother explained that her third daughter - who is a Ulula customer - had previously bought a glass grater and the four of them had all that day gone out for lunch in their local Marks and Spencer cafe. She told me:
"We got our meals and sat down. My daughter reached into her baby's bag and brought out her glass grater - none of us had seen it before. Then she took out an apple and a banana. She cut the apple into four and there and then made the baby's lunch! She just quickly rubbed the apple on the grater, mashed in a bit of banana and mixed it all togther. The whole thing was ready in a minute. My other two daughters sat there amazed. All I heard during lunch was how good the glass graters are and how they had to buy one."
So, as soon as she got home she thought she would treat her daughters and buy them both a glass grater. How sweet! I thought I would repost our short video showing just how quick and easy our glass grater is at making purees when weaning your baby. It really does have to be seen to be believed. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdLX9LYIZqI?modestbranding=1;showinfo=0;rel=0;fs=1&w=550&h=310] Glass graters have been used for generations by mums to prepare pureed fruit and vegetables when first weaning their babies. Using a glass grater gives you exactly the right consistency of fruit or vegetables you need when preparing your home made baby food. Experience shows us that no other grater can achieve this consistency with so little mess or waste. Share your glass grater stories and tell other mums how it helps you wean your baby, wherever you are.