Here are two statistics that scare me. One in four British households no longer has a table that everyone can eat around. One out of every two meals eaten in Britain is now eaten alone. I am not singling out Britain here, I think this is trend that is repeated throughout much of Europe and North America, and it is one that I find very sad. I am a strong believer in eating family meals together - mealtimes for me aren't just about refueling the body. When families sit down and eat meals together they have the chance to chat and socialise and to develop and strengthen their relationships. Parents have the opportunity to model the kind of behaviour they would like to see at the meal table as well as encourage a healthy attitude to food. When families include their baby in their family mealtime routines from the very beginning of weaning, it becomes second nature for the growing baby and child to accept all this, to naturally develop the good habits you want to see and for them to learn some essential lifeskills. So, include your weaning baby in family meals and give him or her a first class education! I know that eating together at every meal is often difficult - share your experiences on including your weaning baby in family meals and let's all learn from each other.