Ulula is based at Rush Farm, a biodynamic farm in Worcestershire. cows-in-the-barnBetween March and October, Rush Farm is supported by a wonderful group of volunteers who find us through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms Organisation a movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers. The volunteers are fondly known at the beginning of their stay at WWOOFers, but by the time we are all hugging goodbye, they have become one of the family. This means that we are now very much an international family on the Farm, as is Ulula with all its wonderful worldwide customers. rush-farm-2We may not be €˜together' on the farm across the winter months (a time of €˜rest' for the farm so no volunteers are needed), but sharing our winter traditions and memories is very special. Our winter family and community traditions are instilled in us when we are little, and these memories and feelings stay with us as we grow up, and we bring them into our world anew when our own little ones arrive. These traditions are unique to each family, region, country and each generation, and we carry them with us, whether we are stay in the country of our birth, or find ourselves somewhere different. €˜Different' brings opportunities for both enjoying, and learning other families' traditions. We blend them into our very own happy ever afters. Just as it should be x Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere:- chileVery briefly, during my childhood in the nineties, my family and I would dine on Christmas eve and go to sleep only waiting to get up and open our presents the next day. As years passed by, we adopted the new tradition of opening presents at midnight right after Christmas eve and then play with them inside the house or on my aunt´s very big backyard, where we meet for special events. About two Christmas ago, right after opening our presents at midnight, some people decided to start pushing someone else into the swimming pool. Many of us got soaking wet all the way from our heads to our feet!chile-animation Believe it or not it wasn't bad, indeed it was very refreshing. Summer nights are so hot and swimming anytime between Christmas and torrid January is always welcome. That is the number one reason why Christmas in the southern hemisphere rocks :) Joaquín